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SilcSkin Chest & Neck Care Bundle - Contains 1 Decollette Pad, 1 Collette (neck) Pad, and Skin Cleanser - Gentle Water Based Cleansing Formula


Get the smooth skin of your youth with SilcSkin Chest and Neck Care Bundle! This set includes 1 Decollette Pad, 1 Collette Pad, and 1 bottle of SilcSkin Cleanser. The Cleanser exfoliates your skin and prepares it for applying the pads to your neck and décolleté. The self-adhesive pad helps to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin of your décolleté caused by sun damage, aging, and side sleeping.


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SilcSkin Chest & Neck Care Bundle

  • The SilcSkin pads are made from high quality silicone that undergoes a platinum preparation process that makes them last longer and helps with adhesion.

    They do their best work while you sleep, keeping the skin smooth as you sleep on your side. They're so comfortable, you won't know they're there!

    After two to four weeks of nightly use, you can transition to a lighter schedule, as the effects become more lasting.

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